Church Protests Violence With Trayvon Martin Nativity Scene

A Southern California Church has included a bleeding Trayvon Martin in its nativity scene as a commentary on violence.

The scene was created by artist John Zachary, who felt the case needed further discussion. Zachary created the scene called "A Child Is Born, A Son Is Given," depicting the slain teen bleeding from his chest, surrounded by traditional Nativity images of the holy family and the three wise men.

Zachary cites the traditional Christmas narrative of King Herod slaughtering all babies in Bethlehem to kill the Messiah, as well as elements of the Easter story. Though Mary and Joseph celebrated Jesus' birth, Zachary brings up the point "other parents [are] in agony because their children had just been killed.”

The Trayvon Martin nativity scene is just the latest provocative spin Zachary has put on the Christmas staple. His previous work depicted the holy family as homeless, Iraqi refugees, an imprisoned black woman and a gay couple holding hands.