Scandal 'Icarus' Recap

If you need to play catch up on Scandal, head over to to read my recap of last week's episode "Icarus," which dealt with the aftermath of the mind-blowing revelation that (spoiler alert!) Fitz shot down a plane Olivia's mother was flying on as part of the uber secret Operation Remington. Could this be the official end of Olitz? Liv's reaction certainly gives weight to that scenario:

"After downing a glass or five of wine, Olivia dials up Eli,  who also clams up despite her tearful rage, only allowing her ask one question about her mother’s death. She, being an actual human being, asks more than one but Eli maintains his icy, vaguely threatening tone. At one point his face softens enough for us to see he actually does give a damn about his daughter, advising her to let the past be the past. Easy for him to say; he isn’t, as Olivia describes herself, afraid to form attachments to people because “my mother is dead and my father is that thing that goes bump in the night.”

Olivia’s public world is ones of lies, secrets, cover ups and image makeovers. Here she tried to shine a light on some of her private darkness by simply asking for the unvarnished truth, and she was denied it by those who say they love her. No wonder she sprints from more emotionally available and honest guys like Edison and Jake;  they offer a rose without a thorn. And for Liv, it ain’t real unless she can get pricked. For her part, she summons enough strength to kick Fitz out when he comes to try and bring her back to the fold. However the flashbacks between her mother walking out for the last time and Fitz leaving tell read a bit ambiguous. Is she closing the door on the man she now sees only as her mother’s murderer? Or is a case of her feeling abandoned yet again, losing, what is in her mind, a strong protective force?"

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