Scandal Recap: 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner'

If you're a Scandal addict like moi (and if not, disregard:), go over to to check out my recap of this week's episode, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner," which delves deeper into Olivia's relationship with her father (chile that's drama central) and her past with Huck. An excerpt on Huck and how dear ol' Dad expresses love for his baby girl:

"Up until now, the dynamic between Olivia and Huck seemed to be one of savior and disciple, with Olivia saving Huck from himself while occasionally exploiting his killer instincts  for her own purposes. But it’s revealed their relationship really began with Huck literally saving her life by beating down two would-be muggers. Inquiring Huck about where he picked up his homicidal tendencies leads her back to her father and confronting him about what he does for a living. Eli tries to warn her about asking questions she really doesn’t want the answers to, but his delivery is all wrong; instead of expressing say, guilt or remorse or some discomfort about his job, he belittles and tries to bully Olivia into dropping the subject and play along with what she now knows is a partial, if not complete charade.

Liv walks out of the restaurant, but walking away from Eli is not as easy, especially after Huck suddenly disappear from the subway. She makes a deal to get him released—pushing Edison to go for a higher security position was a nice try– but it ends up costing her a fiance, as Eli arranged for Edison to get banged up and orders her to give back her engagement ring. Checkmate, Eli Pope."

FYI: I'll be doing recaps for the rest of the season.