Pastor Compares LGBT Couples To Toddlers Who Want To Drive

If your eyes weren't already rolling after reading that headline, get ready for those sockets to do the electric slide after you read (and hear) the rest. Apparently a group of pastors gathered in Springfield, Illinois earlier this week to rally against marriage equality legislation. Fox News 32 spoke to a group traveling to the rally, including a local pastor, who compared LGBT couples who want to get married to toddlers who want to drive cars.

"Well, we have five-year-olds who think they can drive cars, but the reality is, there’s a certain way that things are structured," the pastor told Fox 32. "There’s a male lion and a female lion. There’s a rooster and a chicken. And biology tells us what was ordained and for us to have this conversation while the state is 100 million dollars in debt, our nation is 16 trillion dollars in debt, we have children being murdered every day, and I think the politicians have a lot more on their table that need to be addressed other than what two adults do in their bedroom."

First of all, screw you for insinuating grown men and women seeking equal rights are synonymous with impulsive, immature and ignorant behavior. Secondly, why are you and the rest of the flock cheering and praying and holding hand across America to deny folks their rights if this is so unimportant? If what adults do in their bedroom is so minuscule in the grand scheme of things then what's the whole point of your rally?

Even worse, the pastor contradicts the above statement with one he made seconds before:

"Our nation is not built on the strength of its army or its finances, but what goes on in our living rooms, and family always has been and will always be the foundation and bedrock of society. And so we're gonna stand for what God ordained; it's one woman, one man. Every child needs a mom and a dad."

So which is it? Are LGBTs and our desire to be legally married a monumental, foundation-destroying blow to society? Or is it a complete non issue? Sis get it together!

Watch the double speak below.
FOX 13 News