North Carolina Couples Seek Marriage Recognition

North Carolina gay couples married in other states are registering their licenses with county officials across the state. Though the act doesn't make their unions legal in the state, it does send a symbolic message against North Carolina's ban on same-sex marriage.

The move is part of the Campaign for Southern Equality's We Do Campaign, where unmarried gay couples in southern states apply for marriage licenses.

“This was important because we are legal strangers in North Carolina,” said Lisa, an assistant pastor, who along with her partner Cindy Bovee-Kemper, were the first couple to register their license. “Even though North Carolina doesn’t recognize our marriage, there’s something important about existing in public records.” Also, Buncombe County's Register of Deeds Drew Reisinger became the first county official in North Carolina to accept marriage license applications from same-sex couples, saying the state’s ban is unconstitutional."

Right wingers, unsurprisingly, are not amused by these developments. The mayor of West Union lost his shit in spectacular fashion, ranting on Facebook "What’s it gonna take to get these queers to realize they don’t need a piece of paper. God will not bless their union because he plainly speaks against queers in the Bible.”

What's it gonna take for this idiot to realize LGBT folks are asking God (or in most cases, churches) to bless our unions, but that they be recognized by the constitution?