'Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington': Scandal Season 3 Ep 3 Recap

Head over to Butlerway.com and read my recap of this week's Scandal episode, "Mrs. Smith Goes To Washington." Season three has not been kind to Olivia:

It’s remarkable how far Olivia has fallen from the uber competent, white-hat pedestal she occupied in season one and for most of season two. So far this season, she’s been stuck in survival mode, trying to keep up appearances while flailing personally, and for the first time, professionally. Fitz one upped her by falsely confessing to having an affair with Jeannine last week; her client base has dwindled, and she tragically failed to save a client despite her best efforts. Now she’s comes to the awful realization she’s merely a pawn in her own father’s grand scheme, whatever that may be.

Damn, Liv needs a win like Harrison needs a backstory. 

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