WATCH: Lesbian Couple Suing South Carolina Over Marriage Ban

A lesbian couple filing a lawsuit targeting South Carolina's ban on marriage equality appeared on Lawrence O' Donnell's The Last Word Thursday night. Katie Bradacs and Tracie Goodwin's suit, which builds on the June 26th Supreme Court decision that overturned DOMA, are arguing the state's ban reduces them to little more than "legal strangers."

"We obviously want the same thing as any other family," Goodwin told O'Donnell. "We have three children. We want to be able to put those children on our insurance. We want the peace o mind that if something happens to our children… something happens to me or Katie, that the other parent is going to be able to keep the children. And we don't want any jeopardy with that. Otherwise, we recognize our marriage. We're a family unit."

Watch the entire interview below.

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