Tyler Perry Lays Hands On T.D. Jakes At Megafest

Nothing like a little church queen theater to spice up your Friday. At a Sunday service, held as part of T.D. Jakes' annual Megafest conference (I bet more numbers, BGC/Grindr/Adam 4 Adam profile links, condoms and lube get exchanged there than at a Beyonce concert held in Atlanta on Pride weekend), Tyler Perry came onstage and announced he would donate $1 million dollars to the building of Jakes' youth center.

Pretty generous right? But the real tea was when Ms. Perry felt the need to sermonize. Next came the obligatory speaking in tongues and the laying of hands on T.D., who of course fell out on cue. Chile, you know Oprah was in attendance, so Tyler had to bring her A game--she even came out with her hands raised up, Winfrey-style. All that was missing was an "All my life I had to fight!" Watch the spectacle below, as well as an insightful panel discussion led by Marc Lamont Hill on the black church and its role in modern black pop culture.

H/t Rod 2.0