Hawaii To Consider Marriage Equality

Well aloha! Hawaii's governor Neil Abercrombie announced Monday plans to call a special station legislature session beginning October 28 to consider marriage equality legislation. The governor said the move comes from his belief the time has come for the issue of same-sex marriage to be put to rest.

"This is now the 20th year of discussion that has taken place on the issue and associated issues with it," Abercrombie told reporters at a press conference. "I feel very, very strongly that the votes are there to pass this because it is time for marriage equity to take place...virtually every angle, virtually every view, every variation on a view with regard to the issue of marriage and equitable treatment for those engaged in marriage has been aired, has been analyzed, has been discussed."

The special session will last about five days. The bill proposed will include a religious exemption to calm any fears the gays will forced upon the church. If it is approved, same-sex marriages could begin as early as November 18.