Gambia Presidents Says Gays Are One of The 'Biggest Threats to Human Existence'

Talk about ironic. Gambia's president denounced gays and lesbians at the U.N. General Assembly today. During his address, he referred to same-sex attraction as one of the three "biggest threats to human existence." Yahya Jammeh ranked homosexuality alongside obsession with power and greed as deadlier than "all natural disasters put together." Who knew we had so much power?

Jammeh is notoriously anti-gay. In 2008 he gave gays and lesbians an ultimatum: leave Gambia or face execution by beheading. He also instituted a controversial HIV treatment program in 2007, encouraging Gambians to not take antiretroviral medication in favor of herbal remedies, and telling his critics to "go to hell," in 2011.

Charming isn't he? Amazing that this butthole can get a platform to speak at an assembly designed to engender peace while calling for the execution of his own citizens. But that's cognitive dissonance (aided by bigotry and superstitious beliefs) for you.