Blessed Bey

If case the queen in your life forgot to inform you, her Creole Madgesty, a.k,a. The Mocha Enchantress of Pop, a.k.a. Beyonce, turns 32 today.

Time really is moving on isn't it? Seems like it was just yesterday I was striking poses along with her, Kelly, Michelle and Farrah (remember her? She did like two DC videos and that ass was out!) when "Say My Name" came on, or getting my life to "Crazy In Love," "Baby Boy" (thought in retrospect Mama was little too greased up in those bed scenes) and watching her Live In Wimbley DVD ritualistically. Ah, the costumes, the choreography, the lace fronts--seriously if you haven't seen it, watch it. It still holds up.

Ten years deep into her solo career and Beyonce only seems to be warming up, if the wig-snatching Superbowl performance and the vocal, musical and artistic leap that was 4 was any indication. True, Bey isn't my Grand Diva--ya'll know that's Madge--but she's definitely in my top 5, or top 10 if I'm feeling shady. I kid, I kid! Now if we could just get a release date for her new album...

Get into a few of my favorite Bey cuts after the jump: