One Big Bloodbath: True Blood Season 6 In Review

Head over to Kerry Ann Butler's blog to check out my piece "Back From The Dead: How True Blood Got It's Groove Back," where I offer four reasons why season six was a marked improvement over the bloated mess of season five.

Here's a preview:

Problem: Fairies and witches and fire demons, no more!–It’s a given True Blood would and will always have supernatural creatures lurking about in the backwoods and bayous of Bon Temp. Relationships between vampires and humans, along with the occasional shifter, manaed and werewolf, are the foundation on which show is built. But somewhere along the line, say, the end of season three to the tail end of season five, True Blood‘s universe became overrun by werepanthers, witches, witch ghosts, mediums, fire demons, fairies, alternate fairy dimension burlesque clubs, fairy baby mamas—well, you get the picture. At a certain point the show lost it’s original small-town, Southern Gothic appeal, splitting the entire cast of the characters off into what felt like a million separate plots. When a show is juggling that many plates in the air, some of them *cough* Ifrit demon *cough* are bound to smash to bits.

Solution: Get Rid Of The Dead Weight—Warlow may not have gotten his dream wedding with Sookie Stackhouse (hard to say “I do” when you’re a puddle of goop), but if the only thing the 6,000-year-old fairy-vampire hybrid ever did was slaughter all the fairies at the burlesque club, a.k.a. The Moulin Fae, he earned his stripes in my book. New showrunner Brian Buckner promised  True Blood would dial back the supernatural zaniness on his watch, and he meant business. Luna croaked in the season premiere, and three of Andy’s fairy daughters bit the dust courtesy of a hungry Jessica. Except for the scourge that was the werewolves, tensions between humans and vampires were what mattered most.