Janelle Monae Covers British Lesbian Mag 'Diva' Speaks On 'Queer Communities'

The uber fab "ArchAndroid" Janelle Monae graces the September cover of British lesbian magazine Diva. The star is making the media rounds to promote her latest release The Electric Lady, but also took the time answer a question on how she feels being associated with a queer label, which she recently referred to in Billboard as "queer communities."

“I think we are all… um… part of each other and when someone from the queer community is discriminated against, or not treated like a human being, it bothers me. As a woman, a black woman, there are parallels to that. I mean, my community, being an African-American, we’ve had to deal with slavery, Jim Crow laws – my ancestors dealt with that. So I connect all the dots, between the ex-communicated, the untouchables, the immigrants and the negroids. As different as we may look or feel, we are all connected. So I guess that we do feel connected to the queer community, and as an artist I should speak out against things that are evil. To me, treating someone as if they are less than you is an evil act. It’s my job to use my platform to speak out against it.”

Speak out girl. The Electric Lady is set to drop September 10, and will feature guest appearances by a who's who of avant garde R&B, including Prince, Miguel, Solange and the inimitable Miss Erykah Badu, who joins Monae on the aptly titled "QUEEN." Watch the video below.