Must See TV: Claire Huxtable's Best Reads

"Don't come for me if you value your wig."

Claire Huxtable is probably my favorite TV mom of all time, although the first Aunt Viv (Daphne Maxwell-Reid was cute, but Janet Hubert was living, breathing Nubian Queen fierceness), Roseanne and Lois from Malcom In The Middle come close. Smart, classy, glamorous, funny and opinionated, Claire could handle being a lawyer in courtroom and a mom to five kids and wife to Cliff at home, all without breaking a sweat or a hair out of place. At little too perfect in real life terms at times? Perhaps, but more often than not Claire felt familiar, reminding me of my own mother and so many other women I grew up around.

But one thing that really made Claire an iconic TV mom was her superhuman reading abilities. While all good mothers possess the power to read, Claire was on another level. Whether it was schooling Elvin on his macho attitudes, getting Sandra together for being passive-aggressive with her husband, or tearing Vanessa a new one for sneaking off to Baltimore (to see The Wretched and have BIG FUN!) Claire was not one to be toyed with, m'kay? Get into some of her best reads below.


Bama Boi said…
Great post. I'll have to catch up on some Cosby shows on Hulu