B. Scott Disrespected By BET, Rejects Network's Apology

B. Scott has rejected the non-apology released by BET (after GLAAD got a hold of them) in the wake of the snub he was given by the network at the BET Awards this past Sunday.

"BET's non-apology statement has added more insult to injury. It was not a 'miscommunication' and what they did to me was intentional," he tweeted Tuesday. The blogger and media personality was set to work the red carpet at the award show when things went sour.

"After interviewing AJ Calloway for my first segment, I was literally yanked backstage and told that my look from head to toe “wasn’t acceptable.They asked me to pull my hair back, they asked me to change my attire."

Let’s be clear, I wasn’t wearing a ball gown and stiletto heels. I was wearing long pants, and a long shirt.
I was returned to my trailer and forced to change into one of the other outfits while other producers waited outside. I changed quickly and returned to set, only to be told that I had been replaced by Adrienne Bailon and wouldn’t be going on at all.

I was hurt. I am hurt."

As he should be. B. Scott has built his reputation on being feminine, androgynous and fabulous. There is nothing wrong with having him host a segment. Not to mention he's already appeared on 106 & Park, which is the equivalent of going on TRL back in the day (i.e. the flagship, money-making show) multiple times. And even if it was his first time on the network, what's the difference between B.Scott rocking a little lip gloss and a flowery top and the hordes of females twerking it in mini-skirts, spangly bras and other red-carpet/stage wear that has practically become required for public appearances?

On top of that, the sponsors Proctor and Gamble were already aware of B. Scott's style and approved him. Why hire B. Scott then ask him not to be B. Scott? That's like scheduling Beyonce to perform and asking her to leave the stilettos, front lace and bodysuits at home. Like booking Prince and telling him he can't wear heels or play guitar. It's insane and disrespectful.

Read B. Scott's full account of the incident at his website, and check out Wonder Man over at Maybe It's Just Me, who's been following the controversy since it first came to light,  posts here.