Marco Rubio: Immigration Reform Shouldn't Include Gay Couples

Ain't this some mess? Sen. Marco Rubio has said--more like reiterated (which mean he didn't catch the discrimination brimming in his throat the first time--he won't support an immigration reform bill that includes rights for same sex couples, and thinks the prevision would the kill the bill.

“If this bill has in it something that gives gay couples immigration rights and so forth, it kills the bill,” the Florida Republican told conservative radio host Andrea Tantaros on her show today. “I’m gone, I’m off it, and I’ve said that repeatedly. And I don’t think that’s going to happen, and it shouldn’t happen. This is already a difficult enough issue as it is.”

On Tuesday Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced an amendment to the immigration reform bill that would  allow citizens to sponsor foreign same sex couples for permanent residency in the U.S. just as citizens can already do for opposite sex couples. The senator, a Democrat, had originally withdrawn the amendment with "a heavy heart," but has decided to reintroduce it.

Listen to the interview here. Rubio's remarks come around the one hour, five minute mark.