Washington Florist Counter-Sues State, Says She Has A Right To Discriminate

Well look who's decided to play martyr. A Washington florist who refused to provide flowers for a long-time customer's wedding because he is gay and was subsequently sued by the state, is now counter-suing, claiming the state violated her religious freedom.

Barronelle Stutzman cited her relationship with Jesus Christ as the reason she refused to sell the customer flowers, even though her actions violate Washington's consumer anti-discrimination law. The case has gained traction among marriage equality opponents, with some Washington Republicans pushing a bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers. Which basically sounds like a big smoke screen for people to hide behind instead of saying "Gay/bi/transfolk make me feel icky and are sinful according to my ancient book, so I don't wanna deal with those people."

If this woman truly feels gay marriage is wrong or a sin, then that's her right. But--damn, I sound like a broken record--as a business owner she has to answer to the secular laws of this state. Would we even be having this conversation if she was refusing business from black or Jewish people?