Ugandan LGBT Activists Arrested During Media Censorship Protest

Two LGBT activists in Uganda have been arrested for peacefully protesting the country's independent media blackout. According to witnesses, several Ugandans and American photojournalist Tim McCarthy joined demonstrators in a peaceful rally advocating for freedom of the press, holding a mock funeral for indie radio outlets and newspapers.

Police however, attacked the protesters, injuring McCarthy(pictured above left) and Ugandan LGBT activists Richard Lusimbo and Komugisha Shawn (pictured above). The Advocate reports that "Lusimbo and Shawn are both still in jail, along with three other human rights activists who were arrested. LGBT advocacy group Sexual Minorities Uganda is at the jail, working to get the activists released. SMUG indicated that Lusimbo's hand was injured by police and reported that Shawn was in need of emergency medical attention."

Sadly, violence against the LGBT community is all-too common in Uganda, with much of it doled out by police officers. The country has become infamous among activists for its Anti-Homosexuality Bill, better known as the "Kill The Gays" bill, which would punish consensual same-sex relations with life sentences or even the death penalty in some cases. Family members, friends and neighbors would also be required to report "known homosexuals" to authorities or face years in jail themselves.

McCarthy posted photos of the protest before and after the attack, including one of his injured hand, on his Instagram.


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