Florida High School Football Player Comes Out

Loved seeing this over at Rod 2.0 and had to post it here. NBA player Jason Collin's groundbreaking coming out is inspiring other athletes at all levels to share their own stories. The latest is 17-year-old Leo Washington of Hollywood, who is the co-captain of the Hollywood Hills High School football team, and openly gay.

Washington, who transferred to the school after enduring bullying at his previous school in Georgia, is described as the "best defensive lineman" on the  district champion's team. According to Miami CBS 4, Washington "had several opportunities for football scholarships, but he said in college he’s following his other passion. He’s getting a degree in fashion."

As Rod notes, what makes Washington's story even more compelling is he doesn't fit into the uber-masculine stereotype of a football player; he's as comfortable in a pair of shoulder pads and a helmet as he is carrying a Michael Kors bag. Yes ma'am! Watch the report below.


Don't they mean prom QUEEN? (lol)
I love it. Good for him and another great thing for black gay men.