Apple Removes 'Ex-Gay' App, Google Yet to Follow Suit

If you wanna pray away the gay, Apple no longer has an app for that; but Google does. Apple removed the app, called "Setting Captives Free (More like Selling Queens Dreams)" Thursday, which promises to help users "gain “freedom from the bondage of homosexuality,”according to LGBT group All Out, which has started a petition for vendors to remove it.

“The app targets vulnerable people who are unsure of their sexuality or demonized because of who they love,” All Out spokesman Andre Banks said in a statement issued today. “Those who don’t know better will try this app, but they will undoubtedly fail to change who they are. Our concern is for those who may face severe depression or contemplate harming themselves as a result of this insane app. Governments and doctors have come out forcefully against ‘gay cures’ around the globe to protect citizens from this egregious and unnecessary harm.”

Go to to sign the petition.