House Introduces Immigration Bill For Gay Partners

Dozens of House representatives, lead by Rep. Jerrold Nadler, have introduced a bill to allow gays and lesbians to sponsor their same-sex partners for legal residency in the U.S.

"Because the federal government does not recognize the relationships of same-sex couples under the Defense of Marriage Act, Nadler's Uniting American Families Act would grant the same rights to gay couples that heterosexual married couples currently have. The bill comes as Congress debates an overhaul to the country's immigration laws.

Versions of this bill have been introduced to Congress in each session since 2000.

“Today, thousands of committed same-sex couples are needlessly suffering because of unequal treatment under our immigration laws, and this is an outrage,” Nadler said in a statement Tuesday. “Our Constitution guarantees that no class of people will be singled out for differential treatment – and LGBT Americans must not be excluded from that guarantee.  Moreover, any serious legislative proposal for comprehensive immigration reform absolutely must include gay and lesbian couples and their families.”

Preach! Thirty-one countries including Brazil, Denmark, Hungary and the U.K. allow residents to sponsor partners for legal immigration. Read the rest here.