New Orleans-Based Web Series 'Girl Play' Debuts

A new web series Girl Play explores lesbian life in the Big Easy. Created by's Aryka Randall, the online show, loosely based on her life, follows four friends as they navigate love, work and friendship in the Crescent City.

Here's a synopsis:

"Girl Play tells a story of four lesbian femmes who are searching for true love in the ‘Big Easy.’ Olivia and her group of gal pals have had a turbulent time attempting to form successful relationships while maintaining careers and independence in New Orleans, Louisiana. Olivia Black (Ava ReJouis) is a star publicist who owns and operates her own PR firm that specializes in LGBTQ clientele. Stylist April (Leslie Bohorquéz), a Midwest native with Creole and Latin roots, is making her way back on the NOLA scene with her girlfriend Lindsey, “LJ” Jones (Kia Stephens) at her side. 

Electrical engineer Marty (Drè Price) is a “ladies lady” amongst the New Orleans elite who will only look a woman’s way if she has a Hermès Birkin bag. The group is rounded out by Tiffany (Tiffany Anderson), a bright young law student who can’t seem to shake dating women who do not match her intellect and great qualities. Each character will take viewers on a journey they can relate to highlighting stories of lesbian love, deceit, political hardships, and self-acceptance."

The writing and acting are a little rough around the edges, but there is potential, and it's nice to see a change of scenery from the usual New York/L.A. locales were gay shows usually take place. The setting could prove to an invaluable asset to the show. Anyone who's been New Orleans and remained sober enough to tell the tale knows it's an exciting, one-of-a kind place. Of course I could be partial, being a Louisiana native and all. Watch the extended preview below.


Wonder Man said…
looks interesting