Dreams Of 2013: My Goals For This Year

Call them resolutions, promises, personal ambitions, delusions of grandeur, whatever you like. Here are a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2013:

1. Move My Fiction Writing Career Forward--My adult LGBT fiction novel is coming along pretty nicely now--I finished the second draft a few days ago, or last year, take your pick. Personally I prefer last week, as it makes me sound like less of a procrastinator. But I digress.

Now comes the hard part of submitting the thing to beta readers to offer their two cents. The hard part being fighting the urge to verbally flame them like a super-hormonal Mommy dragon when they offer constructive criticism. I'll be submitting chapters to Scribophile, an online critique site, and hope to have the third, and perhaps final draft of the book done and dusted by late spring/summer.

I'd also like to get more of my short stories published. So far one, "The Payback" has seen the light in Forge Journal, but now that I'm done (for the moment) with the heavy lifting of the novel I can stop treating my other short tales like red-headed step children. Once I get enough of them, along with some poems, together I may compile them in self-published E-book. More details to come.

2. To Increase My Freelance Income--Things have been picking up on the freelance front; I write articles about electronic music for an online site (Redigi.com--check it out:) and for coupon/deal type website. The money is good, and I relish any chance to work without having to roll out of bed, but I'd like to make more so I'll able to set some aside some more coins in a savings or an emergency account.

3. Be More Financially Stable--I guess this is an extension of number two. I'll admit I haven't always made the best decisions when it comes to money in the past, but with a promotion at my main gig (along with the BF's income), my freelance money and a clearer/more experienced head, I believe I'll be on sturdier ground come this time next year.

4. Get Back Into Shape--Chile I remember when I could devour a large pizza and some wings and still weigh 130 pounds soaking wet. But time and my metabolism have moved on (give or take 40 or 50 pounds), and I have a bit more baggage than I did in high school. So I'm making an effort to improve my diet with more of the basics like fruits and vegetables, not eating big meals before bed, etc.

Not that I'll never make a pit stop at Mickie D's again. But when l do I'll make adjustments--a bottled water instead of a Hi-C, a grilled chicken and a medium no-salt fry instead a Big Mac and a large fry.  As far as exercise, maybe I'll pick up yoga again or do some P90X. Or combine a few things (weights, walking/running, swimming) to create my own fitness regime so I won't get bored.

5.Personal Relationships--I really want my relationship with my parents to improve for the better. I've written about my disappointment with them in regards to coming to terms with my sexuality and my atheism, but they have been making strides. They make it point to ask about my boyfriend whenever I visit now, and they also got him a present for Christmas. Baby steps perhaps, but steps nonetheless. I also have to remember to meet them halfway and be open and honest about my life.

Speaking of the BF, a.k.a. Robert, things are going great with us four years in. We went out last night for dinner to celebrate his birthday. On the flip side, I could probably do better in hanging out with my friends more often. Of course not too often or my other relationship would suffer. There always seems to be that push and pull.

6. Thank My Readers--I'd really to thank everyone that follows the blog (including the invisible readers--but it wouldn't kill ya'll to comment:), comments, retweets, plus ones and spreads the word about my little corner of the web. Thanks for reading and taking the time to indulge my quirky musings.  I really appreciate it:).

What are your hopes, goals or dreams for 2013?


Bama Boi said…
And you will make it happen! Happy New year, friend!
K. Clark said…
@Bama Boi: Thanks! Hope you have a great year too!
David Opie said…
Hey loving the blog! Great music insights and really honest. Good luck with everything!