WATCH: NRA Calls For "Armed Guards In Every School"

It took a week to come up with this? The pipe must be getting passed around at the NRA offices in order to spout this drivel with a straight face. It's not so much having some security/a police presence in schools would be a totally bad idea; we had an officer who worked security when I was in high school, and things didn't descend into the Wild West.

What was really galling is the whole speech came off as more of the same old "guns, guns and mo' guns" philosophy, which is just as ludicrous as folks crying for a ban of ALL guns.

Personally I feel guns can and do serve a purpose. But to completely ignore calls to ban assault weapons--does any every day citizen really need to possess a sniper rife or an AK 47?-- the need for more stringent background checks and a greater focus on mental health to diagnose and treat people like Adam Lanza before they become violent killers shows the NRA is more interested in spouting off tough talk than starting a dialogue on a complex issue.

The keyword being complex. It's much easier for NRA's Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre to channel third-rate Clint Eastwood and blame the national media (which I do feel have crossed the line a few times in their coverage--interviewing kids, giving a blow-by-blow timeline of the killing spree and playing the 911 calls were wrong and unnecessary), gun control advocates and violent video games--even though the NRA has its own shoot 'em  up game called Gun Club (talk about subtle)--than consider that he and the rest of the NRA may actually be also contributing to the problem. Even the call for armed guards is side-eye worthy. Who will pay for all this beefed up security, when the GOP has a seizure at the mere mention of a tax increase?

Okay rant over. Watch the press conference below.