Jesus Has Two Daddies

That would certainly make for an interesting Sunday school lesson now wouldn't it? Apparently a gay couple in Colombia has come under scrutiny for displaying a nativity scene featuring two Josephs and no Mary outside their home.

Neighbors were apparently not ready to embrace an inclusive Christmas, as they took to social media to disparage the display and berate the couple. The national Catholic Church even issued a statement condemning the display as "sacrilege."

Andrés Vásquez, a political analyst, and Felipe Cárdenas, an entrepreneur, have been together four years, and took advantage  of the nation's civil union law for same-sex couples, according to The Daily Mail. 

The Mail describes the two men as "gay rights activists" who hoped that displaying the alternative nativity scene would help move the country forward on marriage equality. Last year, the nation's Constitutional Court ruled that Colombia must extend marriage rights to same-sex couples within two years.

When you think about, two Josephs--well, let's call the other one Jerome for whimsy's sake--kinda makes sense when you think about it. I mean, god was already using Mary as kind of a supernatural surrogate service anyway, so why couldn't Joseph and Jerome cut out the middle woman and raise the blessed child in a fabulous first-century domicile themselves? I'm just sayin'.