A Mini-Review: The Walking Dead Season 3: Mid-Season Finale

In case you've been living under a rock--or hiding under one, or a car, ya' know zombie apocalypse and all--The Walking Dead's midseason finale aired last night. My thoughts:

  • Glenn is a beast. Ripping off a zombie arm and making a shank for Maggie? That's love.
  • Carol better watch both her and Maggie's lil' sister's back. Axle ain't fit to be alone with her. Though now that she no longer bursts into tears spontaneously, Carol could probably take him.
  • The writers did a good job of upping the tension/drama the faking us out during the whole shootout scene. I was sure Glenn or Maggie would get shot by the governor, especially after Andrea didn't catch on to who she was popping caps at. The big reveal of Daryl as the captured "terrorist" and Angela putting two and two together was a great twist. I'll be biting my nails for Daryl, 'cause you never know with this show.
  • The Governor is officially evil. If last week's intimidation/near-rape of Maggie didn't confirm it, throwing Merle under the bus and offering up Daryl to the crowd definitely did. You could blame his betrayal on recent events--losing an eye and seeing his zombie daughter take a blade through the mouth--but his actions are pretty consistent with his character. Rick and Co.'s vigilante mission tore down Woodbury's facade of peace, so a scapegoat needed to be offered up to make things "right" again. It's How To Be A Dictator 101.
  • Do the writers have a black male quota? As soon as Oscar appeared, T-Dog got ripped to shreds. Now that Tyrese has arrived, Oscar bites the dust. I feared for Michonne's life when I caught sight of another black woman.
  • The arrival of Tyrese and the gang does give the prison plot a new wrinkle, as well as provide new shocks troops for the inevitable Governor vs. Rick showdown.
  • I HATE that we won't find out what happens next until February. Is it really so much to ask the show run straight through until the end of the season? I would think the marketing team would push for this rather than have to build up the show's momentum again for the season finale. I hope this isn't the start of a new trend.

What did you think?