Texas School Cancels Play About Gay Penguin Parents

I guess this shouldn't come as too much of a shock. After all, folks in the Long Star state are trying to secede from the union. Then again, so is my home state, so maybe I shouldn't throw too much shade.

Anyway, it seems a play involving two male penguins raising an abandoned chick is too much for The Austin Independent School, who canceled 10 scheduled performances of Along Came Tango. The play is based on two male chinstrap penguins who adopted an abandoned egg and raised it together.

Playwright Emily Freeman said the play is about different families, which she believes is appropriate according to state law. "I can't see the argument that it's not age appropriate for kids in second and third grade." 

However, other folks feel the play is dangerous. "We define marriage very clearly in the state of Texas," Jonathan Saenz, president of the conservative Texas Values group said. "So if you have a play that tries to push and promote a different marriage definition, which is clearly illegal, it leads students to ask questions about it, and it leads to the discussion of sex."

Ooh, talking about sex. Can't have that. Let's just wait until the babies and STDs pop up, then we can gab about the birds and bees. If they would even come up, seeing as this play focuses more on raising kids rather than how they're made. Damn those gay penguins.

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