Happy B-Day To Me!

I turned the big 2-6 today. As for B-day plans, I may catch a late movie with the BF, seeing as I don't have to work tomorrow (another reason to rejoice--love my job, but those hours:). Or maybe stay low key and chill at the domicile--I just don't feel the irrepressible urge to hit up the club or run the streets until sunrise like I used to.

Any other suggestions?


Bama Boi said…
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !
I love that pic. u look fresh and happy. I STILL WANNA SEE THAT BF TOO. anyway, whatever you do, just thank god you got another year. One of our bloggers, brandon lacy campos has passed a day or two ago. he was only 35 :(