'Ex-Gay' Pastor Charged With Sexual Assault

A Minnesota pastor who participated in an "ex-gay" ministry has been charged with sexually assaulting two men he was counseling. According to the Star Tribune Rev. Ryan J. Meuhlhauser, a senior pastor at Lakeside Christian Church and counselor at Outpost Ministries, has been charged with eight felony counts of  fourth-degree criminal assault. The article also cites the criminal complaint, and reports:

"One of the men told investigators that Meuhlhauser has 'blessed' him by cupping his genitals outside of his clothing several times and that Meuhlhauser asked the man to masturbate in front of him for 'spiritual strength.' Meuhlhauser would also fondle the man at times. Their encounters occurred over a period of nearly two years."

The complaint also reports similar accusations by another man, who claims assaults happened at the church, in its prayer cabin and at the home of one of the victim's relatives.

I don't know about you, I don't remember being taught ball cupping was a blessing or the five knuckle shuffle was a source of spiritual strength in Sunday school. I mean, wasn't Onan was killed for spilling his seed instead of knocking up his dead brother's wife? Then again, our teaching materials could have been a little dated. e

Like most "ex-gay" organizations, Outpost has distanced itself from Meuhlhauser while spinning the whole mess as the reason for their "pray the gay away" crap. Read the rest HERE.