Cute Or Not Cute? Boody & Le1f's "Soda" Video

NYC’s own Boody & Le1f have unleashed their latest video for “Soda.”  Directed by Sam Jones, the clip definitely lives up to its title--it's a burst of bright colors and garish outfits. And it take its title literally, with folks being "baptized" in carbonated holy water.

If you ain't up on Boody & Le1f (and don't feel bad, 'cause I wasn't either, though I may have read something about Le1f in Details about a month ago), a little background: Le1f has been building quite the buzz since dropping his mixtape, the aptly titled Dark York, featuring grimy cuts that contain both traditional rap boasting and queenly shade.

Now Le1f has hooked up with longtime partner in crime Boody to release Liquid, their debut EP. And judging from "Soda" these gals clearly now their house music. The song chops up Masters at Work’s classic “The Ha Dance,” with Le1f rapping lines about "slaves to the rhythm" over minimalist kicks and aqua drops, creating a track that instantly snatches you by the ear drums and demands you listen.

The video has the same effect, which can a good or bad thing, depending on your visual taste. I'll be honest; upon first viewing, my thoughts were "What the hell is this? Clearly somebody's sugar daddy is bankrolling their "baby's" music career in exchange for lil' sumthin' sumthin'. But after watching it a few times, the sheer absurdity and ballroom energy--the vogueing, hair whipping, catwalking, the Space Channel 5 wigs, the soda--won me over.

I deem it CUTE.

But what do you think? Watch the “Soda” video and listen to a few tracks from Le1f's Dark York.below.


Bama Boi said…
It's kinda cute. I like his ponytail
K. Clark said…
@BamaBoi: Yeah, it does grow on you.