Chris Brown Dresses As 'Terrorist' For Halloween

I just can't with Chris Brown. Everytime I think he can't go higher up the ladder of tomfoolery, Breezy cooks up something--smashing windows on Good Morning America, fighting with Drake in the club over Rihanna, tweeting his "battle scars"--that proves me wrong. Like the hot mess pictured above. Some folks over at The Grio are trying to cry foul, saying those who say Chris is a terrorist since he has a gun is the same as labeling any black man who owns a gun a criminal. If Chris went as Alladin, Abismal, Alibaba and The Forty Thieves or even fucking Jafar, and someone called him a terrorist, that would be stereotyping. This fool posed with a gun and a vest of spare bullets. I think we all know what he was going for. Seriously, does he even want to have a career at this point?


Bama Boi said…
I still don't get why he has a career. I'm coming up empty to say anything else about this dude.