Taking A Chance

Doug Spearman, a.k.a. Chance, penned a wonderful op-ed for The Advocate in which he talks about his life, love, lover and upcoming directorial debut. And the gnawing fear that he'll screw it all up royally. An excerpt:

"I know my life is amazing. I’m an openly gay black man who has a career in Hollywood as a writer, actor, and now a director. I’m in a stable relationship with a man who supports and loves me, and I’m surrounded by friends. And I’m also about to direct a movie — a gay action-comedy-thriller called Hot Guys With Guns with a remarkable cast and an enviable crew — all of whom are working for basically peanuts and straw.

"And I’m terrified I’m going to screw it all up...Let’s face it: Gay movies are really thin on the ground these days, so making one is not for sissies. People try to talk you out of it all the time."

Read the rest HERE.