New Music: Solange "Losing You"

Solange's new single "Losing You," is an 80's throwback in all the best ways. Warm, layered synthesizers, tom tom drums, kooky sound effects--one brings to mind a kitten getting its tail yanked, in a cool, WTF is that kind of way--and oodles of handclaps.

Meanwhile the stacked harmonies and lovelorn lyrics that could've sprung from Supremes-era Diana Ross's lips ("I gave you everything and now there's nothing left of me/I'm not the one you should be makin' your enemy") recall her Motown-inspired Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams days. I could so see Jody Whatley, Lisa Lisa, Janet or Neh Neh Cherry singing this back in the day. Watch the video for "Losing You" and decide for yourself below.