The New Normal 'Baby Clothes'

I've had a so-so attitude towards NBC's The New Normal since it debuted. While some of the dialogue is sharp and funny, the lead characters Bryan and David seem to embody every aspect of the stereotypical rich, white gay couple, right down to the sassy black employee (i.e. Nene playing...well, Nene; I mean I'm half expecting Dwight to pop out of her shoulder and quip "How dreadful").

Bryan in particular is pretty vacuous and obsessed with the usual queenly things--fashion, shopping, hot men, working out, etc. And although Grandma Nana provides some chuckles, I think we can all agree Ryan Murphy just shoved Sue Sylvester into some suits and a throwback Hilary Clinton cut (think her pageboy phase) when he created her character. However, Goldie and her daughter Bebe do bring some heart/reality to the show.

All that being said, last night's episode "Baby Clothes" manage to wade away a little from the shallow end of the emo pool. Bryan and David show a bit of depth after encountering a homophobe in the department store, and even Nana has a "real" moment with Goldie after catching Bebe with a boy. There was also a nice little twist on the time-honored "standing up to the grown-up bully" scenario.

What are your thoughts on The New Normal? Watch the episode below.