Jesse Jackson Says He Would Marry Same-Sex Couple

We are somebody indeed. Rev. Jesse Jackson recently said that if asked, he'd have no problem marrying a gay couple.

“Beginning with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, to the inclusion of blacks, Hispanics, 18-year-olds, and women, opportunities are now unlimited,” Jackson said to Human Events during last week's Democratic National Convention. Jackson added that he had “no problem with that relationship — (couples of the same gender marrying).”

Jackson, who has been more outspoken on the subject of LGBT rights as of late, has compared the struggle for marriage equality to the federal protection given to other civil rights. "If the states had to vote on slavery, we would have lost the vote," he said. "If we had to vote on the right [for blacks] to vote, we would have lost that vote."

Hmmm. Always nice to know we have an ally to the cause. Unlike other pastors who are all too willing to be right-wing attack dogs *cough* Bishop Harry Jackson *cough* or simply pose as ministers and civil rights activists to shore up their bigotry.