Baltimore City Paper Explores Transgender Sex Trade

Baltimore's City Paper has an excellent, if somber, article about four young transwomen, their transition process and their experiences in sex work. One of those profiled, 24-year-old Bambi, talks about the perils of dealing with violent clients--she was robbed multiple times--and the police:

“The cops are assholes. Fucking assholes. You meet a nice one every 5,000 years,” she says. “You’d think there would be more black officers in a largely black city. But they import these racist Anglo-Saxon cops from West Virginia who act like we’re not even citizens. ‘You’re not only a derelict negroid,’” she mimics a cop, “ ‘But a derelict negroid with a dick and a dress. What the fuck is wrong with you?’”

Bambi says she was arrested once while waiting for a bus on North Avenue at 7 A.M. “I suck dick for a living, but I wasn’t working then,” she says. “My real crime was being transgender on North Avenue. When they brought me into booking, everything stopped and they looked at me like I was a Martian. The female officer tried to be nice and get me a holding cell by myself, but the males said ‘Oh no, Beyonce don’t need a cell by himself.’ I was like, thanks for the compliment, but you know damn well I do.”

Read the rest HERE.


Bama Boi said…
That was a great article. There needs to be more stories about the transgender community and their everyday struggles
K. Clark said…
That's so true. Even in gay-related media, transfolk are usually regulated to the background.
Bama Boi said…
And they have stories for days! I still remember one episode of Taxi Cab confessions which featured a transgendered call girl. Although I don't remember her name, I remember that she literally had to cut her way out of Chicago