Why Must I Loathe The Katt...

Okay, loathe is a strong word, but Katt Williams has definitely awakened a passionate dislike in me. It seems Steve Harvey isn't the only comedian in pimp's clothing who spouts idiotic and inaccurate crap about atheists and those who believe in evolution, the latter of which also includes some Christians.

Anyway, watch this short video from Youtube vlogger Cult Of Dusty and see for yourself. A side note: what's going with Katt's hair? It looks like something Joan Crawford would've ordered one of her butlers to rock during one of her manic "no wire hangers" episodes. Was he going for Wolverine but didn't feel like slipping on the spandex? An ill-advised Evita or Screamin' Jay Hawkins homage perhaps? Seriously chile, that is not cute.