Madonna Makes St. Petersburg Taste The Rainbow

Months ago, Madonna promised to speak out against St. Petersburg's anti-gay law prohibiting gay "propaganda," when her MDNA tour arrived in the city. And Madge kept her promise, distributing pink wrist bands to the crowd, displaying scenes of same-sex couples kissing during a concert video for her "Nobody Knows Me," and holding pride flags in the air along with her dancers.

 “As promised, Madonna delivered a moving speech between ‘Open Your Heart’ and ‘Masterpiece’ in which she praised democracy, love, and freedom and compared the LGBT fights to Martin Luther King’s fights for equality," Russian gay rights group Coming Out's director Paula Savchenko said. "She added that gay people should be treated with love and dignity and that it was not right to use religion to promote hate to a certain group.”

“Show your love and appreciation to the gay community," Madonna said while onstage with the words "No Fear" written across her back. "We want to fight for the right to be free.  All people should be treated with dignity, respect, and love.” She then repeatedly asked the crowd, “Are you with me?” at which the crowd cheered holding their pink wristband clad arms and pride flags in the air.

MDNA, or Madonna, may not be every gay's cup of tea (personally I love a daily sip of her Madgesty), but I don't know who in their right mind (with the exception of some delusional queens picketing her show and shunning her support) would not be appreciative of this. Watch a short clip of the show below.