Washington Will Vote On Whether To Keep Gay Marriage Legal

Will it stay or will it go? We'll know soon enough as Washington has decided to place marriage equality to a vote. Opponents of the state's gay marriage law had collected 247, 331 signatures, more than the 120,577 the needed to get a repeal on the ballot.

"The state also found a significant number of “questionable petition sheets” that are being forwarded to police. But there weren’t enough to scuttle the entire push.

So when voters go to the polls in November, marriage equality will be on the ballot in one form or another in four states — Washington, Maryland, Minnesota and Maine.

In Maryland, opponents also recently qualified to put the state’s newly passed marriage equality law up to a majority vote. Marriage equality opponents needed to gather more than 55,000 signatures and also turned in more than needed.

In Minnesota, PPP found a 10-point swing toward the pro-marriage side in four months, with independents driving fresh support. Now 49% of voters are against amending the Minnesota constitution to ban same-sex marriage.

In Maine, voters will have to decide whether to reverse a previous decision made at the ballot box in 2009, when voters scrapped the state's marriage equality law. Polls there also show marriage equality ahead early on."

Looks like November shaping up to be a do-or-die civil rights battle.