Moscow Bans Gay Pride For The Next 100 Years

All I can say is wow....apparently the idea of LGBT folks gathering together to celebrate, ya know, feeling good about themselves and such, has the Moscow City Court so riled up that it upheld a new law banning any gay pride celebrations in the city until 2112. on:

"The Moscow municipal government had decided to issue a blanket refusal of any request to hold a gay pride demonstration for the next 100 years. But the decision was immediately challenged by LGBT rights leader Nikolay Alekseyev, and this week’s ruling was the final in a series of appeals by Alekseyev. He had simultanesouly helped organize a letter-writing campaign in an attempt to stop the law. 

Andre Banks of the LGBT rights organization AllOut aimed higher up than the municipal government in assigning blame. "Remarkably, President Putin has stayed silent as members of his party advance a provocative antigay agenda that is putting him on a collision course with his allies in Europe and around the world,” Banks said in a statement. “Denying 100 years of Pride is no way to make friends in 2012.” 

The next step is to bring the issue to the European Court of Human Rights, which Russia recently became a member of."

My grand diva Madonna plans to speak out against Russia's anti-gay atmosphere when her MDNA tour stops in St. Petersburg and Moscow in August. Will Madge's words/actions instantly repeal the draconian law and cause rainbows to shine over Russia? Highly doubtful. But they'll no doubt do what she's always been a master at: get attention.

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