Gay Conservative Leader Defends Romney Endorsement

GOProud co-cofounder Jimmy LaSalvia defended his organization's endorsement of Mitt Romney, saying the GOP candidate has “demonstrated that he believes that we are a part of America.” Ugh. Read on...

"In the GOProud endorsement statement, LaSalvia called President Obama “openly hostile to free market capitalism” and said that Romney was “light years better” on a range of economic issues that affect LGBT Americans. The group acknowledged its disagreement with the candidate on his support for a federal marriage amendment, a fact that Uygur pressed in the interview. 

“I know that you want to talk about this issue, and the president wants to talk about this issue, because the president’s record on jobs and the economy and the debt crisis is indefensible and I know that that’s why all the liberals in Washington and across the country want to talk about issues like gay marriage and contraception and everything else to divert the attention from the issues that are facing us all,” he said."

Yes, the economy is an important issue that affects everyone. I want job security, to make enough money to save some of it and to know that I'll at least have the opportunity to retire someday. But to actively support a man who has gone record saying he will ban same-sex marriage, who has a known history of gay-bashing (that he conveniently forgets and strangely laughs about when questioned) and kicks out openly gay members of his campaign team?

Someone needs to read this bitch and get her ass together. So allow me: she shall not be allowed to enter into the gates of any gay club or circuit party, nor shall she be allowed to create a profile on Adam 4 Adam, Manhunt or any other hookup site. KY Jelly shall not be sold to her at any store, nor shall her eyes ever be allowed to glimpse hot man-on-man action, be it hardcore or softcore. In short Jimmy, your rainbow card is officially revoked. In all seriousness though, this is just sad. Watch this mess below.



Wonder Man said…
Jimmy is a tight mess