Food For Thought: Quincy Jones

"[He]couldn't recognize a B-flat if it hit him. P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing. He's got clothes companies and Ciroc Vodka."

For the record, Quincy did post a message on his Facebook page saying ""No controversy, no diss. I have nothing but love and respect for Diddy and all that he has achieved as an artist and an executive. Always have and always will."

But let's compare track records shall we?

Quincy Jones

Notable Albums: Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad,

Worked with:Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald.

Other Achievements: Scored music for The Color Purple, In Cold Blood, The Italian Job. Seven Oscar nominations.


Notable Albums: What's The 411, My Life, Forever My Lady, Ready To Die, Life After Death, Faith.

Worked with: Mary J. Blige, Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans, Jodeci, Heavy D, Mase, Lil' Kim, 112, The Lox, TLC, Mariah Carey, Nas

Other Achievements: Sean Jean, Men's perfume, Justin's Ciroc.

So should Diddy be clutch his plaintum-coated pearls with a diamond studded hand? Should he just keep his mouth shut and bown down to Quincy's musical greatness? Or should be it recognized that both Diddy and Quincy have been influential forces in music/pop culture, albeit in different ways and in different eras (even though Quincy clearly has more musical aptitude)?