Tupac's Family Says Rapper Wasn't Homophobic

The family of  Tupac Shakur is defending the late rap icon against allegations (made by perennial shit-starter Suge Knight--*eye roll*) that he was homophobic, using his close friendship with the late fashion designer Gianni Versace as evidence. According to The Advocate:

Knight, founder of Death Row Records, has discussed Shakur's alleged homophobia during recent interviews, including an appearance on Howard Stern's Sirius XM program. While speaking with Stern, Knight claimed that 95% of rappers he worked with are closeted and took a few shots at his longtime rival Dr. Dre, who Knight claims is gay. Knight recalls a meeting between the three men during which Shakur allegedly called Dre "a faggot." Shakur's family has called Knight's accusations "totally false."

While being able to hang in the fashion world and walking the runway doesn't automatically mean one isn't homophobic, aside from a "gay ass Dre" diss in "To Live And Die In L.A.(If I'm remembering right--correct me if I'm wrong)" there's little evidence to back up Suge's claim.

Bull all this talk of homophobia and gay rights among hip hop heads is interesting to watch, and much needed. Love or hate Jay-Z, you can't deny when he talks, folks listen. Don't wear jerseys? Check. Boycott Cristal? Check? Don't be homophobic? Check. It seems ever since Jigga announced his support of President Obama's stance on gay marriage, it has been the topic du jour, with everyone from T.I. to Nick Cannon (I know, not exactly the most credible name in hip hop , but hey, he did rap at one point) weighing in. True, Yeezy really started the conversation back in '05, but it seems Jay-Z's words have set off a renewed rippled effect.

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