True Blood's Alan Ball Stepping Down After Season 5

If True Blood sticks around to the daylight of season six next summer, it will do so minus Alan Ball. The force behind the similarly death obsessed Six Feet Under will be replaced by co-executive producer Mark Hudis.

"A regular producer on True Blood since the beginning of season four, Hudis wrote two of last season’s episodes (Me and the Devil, and Soul of Fire) and has solo writing credits on two more in season five. 

Alan Ball is expected to remain as a consulting producer on the Louisiana-set vamp show, but will be directing most of his energy towards prepping new Cinemax martial-arts-meets-the-Amish series, Banshee."

It'll be interesting to see what direction takes without Ball at the helm, after season five of course. And the premise of Banshee sounds absolutely Quentin Tarantino-esque.