"For Colored Boys" Anthology Debuts Website, Book Details

A new website for author/television commentator Keith Boykin's anthology For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Still Not Enough has officially been launched. The book is set for release in July. According to Rod 2.0's Rod McCullom (who also contributed to the book):

"For Colored Boys collects writings of more than three dozen Black LGBT writers—read the full list and bios—media personalities, activists, scholars and other thought leaders. The book was launched in the wake of numerous "young Black men literally committing suicide in the silence of their own communities" such as Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, Jaheem Herrera, Raymond Chase, Joseph Jefferson and others reported on Rod 2.0, says Boykin. 

"There are 44 pieces from 42 authors, including 37 African-Americans, 3 Latinos, 1 Asian-American, 1 Canadian and 1 British writer," Keith Boykin told R20. "The contributors' ages range from 23 to 63. We have at least 5 writers in their 20s."'

Visit the website to find out details about the book's soundtrack, the full list of contributors, an upcoming book tour and a crash course in black/latino LGBT history.