WATCH: Amanda Seales On 'The Death Of The Diva'

Actress, DJ and TV personality Amanda Seales is making plenty of waves with her new show  Death of the Diva: A One-Woman Musical Narrative, in which she challenges the over-the-top, one-dimensional portrayals of women in pop culture. Using incivise, biting humor (you know the kind that makes you laugh and think Dang that so true at the same time) and an array of personas, Seales strikes back at the images pushed by shows like  Jersey Shore and Basketball Wives. 

Seales website describes the show as "melding melody and monologue, this hilarious, thought provoking show calls out the cause and effect of the overwhelming number of negative images of women in today's media and gives rise to restoring the balance. Accompanied by a three-piece band, and video imagery, the show is dynamic and interactive compelling audiences to laugh, empathize, and nod their heads to the original musical numbers integrated throughout. "

After watching a preview/behind-the-scenes clip, Ms. Seales' characterizations are hitting the nail on the head and giving it a lobotomy. I'll admit I'm guilty of getting sucked in to the vortex of drama that was/is Flavor of Love-Real Housewives-Basketball Wives-hell whatever the else wives. There's no deny it's entertaining, at least in the way a car wreck or watching someone drunk in the club is entertaining. Though even the most ardent reality TV fan will have find some truth in what Amanda is saying. 

Watch both the Death Of The Diva clip and a short Vibe Vixen interview where Amanda goes in on Snooki and Evelyn Lozada below.


It is about damn time!
FINALLY someone is coming out being conscious about the dumbing down of African American society.
She gets a right on for this.