Marcus Bachmann's "Pray The Gay Away" Clinic Exposed...Again

Picture taken by Lapinski in Bachmann's clinic

Tsk tsk... I guess that gal Marcus thought she would be free and clear to practice reparative therapy in private since Mrs. Bachmann's presidential run didn't pan out. But not if docu-filmmaker Kristina Lapinski, who infiltrated the operation by attending a counseling session at Bachmann's clinic, has anything to say about it. According to The Advocate:

"Lapinski took a hidden pen camera with her into a counseling session at Bachmann & Associates on Thursday and wrote about the encounter on a blog affiliated with her film, Gay U.S.A. the Movie. Lapinski recounts a session with counselor Sheila Marker, who asked Lapinski to read from the Bible, then told her to follow God’s road and that, “the Bible says one man one woman." 

'She talked a lot about submitting to God, giving my life path over to him and letting him direct the way," Lapinski wrote. "She told me if I wanted to be happy I could 'give my problems to the Lord and he could take them away.'" They ended the hour-long session with a prayer, and Marker "asked the Lord to take away my 'desire' and allow me to pursue a relationship with my fiancĂ©." 

Lapinski had told the counselor she feelings for women but was debating whether to marry a man anyway. When she admitted to the counselor that she'd never had sex with the fictional man she was to wed and that she wasn't attracted to him, the counselor said, "How can you know how it will be until you try?'"

Read the full account over at Lapinski's blog.