George Zimmerman, Attorney Launch New Website

Looks like Papa's got a brand new bag. After his original website, set up to accept donations for his legal defense, was disabled last week, George Zimmerman has got a new site,, which is being run by his attorney Mark O' Mara.

"O'Mara's firm said they have launched the website to dispel misinformation, discourage speculation and discredit other, fraudulent websites. 

'"A critical part of this effort is establishing the credibility of official digital properties that media and the public can trust," O'Mara's firm said. The new site comes after a hearing in the case Friday, when O'Mara disclosed to the judge that Zimemrman raised more than $200,000 through a previous website. 

According to the new website, the firm does plan to take donation for Zimmerman's defense."

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