Cissy Houston May Be Writing A Book On Whitney's Life

Cissy Houston may be penning a book about Whitney, and has reportedly been meeting with publishers.

"Cissy Houston has pitched her book to publishers as the "the real and definitive" book about Whitney's life, and has promised not to hold back on any of the details. "It's going to be the bad, it's going to be the good," Mrs. Houston told one publisher. 

Along with telling the whole story about her daughter's life, Mrs. Houston also told publishers she wanted to combat some of the lies that have circulated after Whitney's death."

While the cold ass bastard in me wants to give Cissy's book plans the side eye, I think this could actually be a good thing in the long run. It's obvious that Cissy loved Whitney and the feeling was mutual; they always seemed extremely close. So I doubt the book would a salacious, gossipy tell-all. But at the same, Cissy's old school, and she's not going to sugarcoat Whitney's story for PR. If paired with the right co-author, the book could be both a heartfelt tribute to Whitney's legacy while also staying true to the reality of her life.

What do you think?