Australian Gay Marriage Opponent's Sister Comes Out

We only hurt the ones we love. Although his sister has publicly come out as a lesbian, Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has not changed his position on same sex marriage.  

"Christine Forster, 47, revealed over the weekend that she is in a relationship with another woman, Virginia Edwards. She told The Australian, “"I have decided to publicly confirm that I am gay and am in a committed, live-in relationship with Virginia.” 

The Australian Associated Press reports that marriage equality advocates were hopeful Forster’s story would change the stance of Abbott, who so far has refused to allow his Coalition MPs a conscience vote on the issue. 

Abbot, who has known his sister was a lesbian for four years, said he admired her and had struggled with the issue of same-sex marriage, but her public announcement would not change his political position. He insisted that maintaining the Coalition’s position was a matter of “political integrity.” "We went into the election with a position and as far as I'm concerned, that's the position we will keep," he said, the AAP reported."

Hmmm. I guess the Aussies have their own version of Dick Cheney or Newt Gingrich. Cognitive dissonance can be the strongest sun block ever when applied daily. Good for Forster for coming out though. Read the rest HERE.